Monday, January 4, 2016

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This isn't my first portable bluetooth speaker that I've received to review....but it's now my favorite! This one is waterproof, which is different from the other one I received.  The other major difference is it's SO MUCH LOUDER!  I do wish they had some girlier colors.  It comes it this blue, a forest green, and an orange.  I actually got the forest green one to review...but I gave it away to a friend who wanted it for his boat.  Then I ordered 2 for myself and one for a Christmas gift. 

I haven't tested it, but the Amazon page says the bluetooth reach is up to 33 feet.  I haven't had any issues with losing signal, and I have a tendency to walk away from the speaker with my phone in my hand and I haven't lost signal through multiple walls.  It also has a great battery life.  It lasts for hours and doesn't take long to recharge when it does need to be plugged in.  On that note, it comes with all the cords you need including a micro USB for charging.  I highly recommend this..mostly because it seems fairly indestructible and and did I mention it's LOUD?!

I received this for free in exchange for my unbiased review....but I've purchased 2 more since!

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