Monday, July 25, 2016

Wireless Doorbell Kit by Chimes 52

When I purchased my house, it came with a plug in wireless doorbell, however, the bell noise is a little...harsh. A makes-your-ears-ring type of noise. This Wireless Doorbell Kit comes with everything you need to replace your current set up. It comes with the bell itself (receiver), the "buzzer" (transmitter), and either a double sided sticky to make it stay, screws and anchors or a tiny screwdriver if needed. The bell is plug in style and I can plug it in on the opposite end of my house and it will still pick up when the buzzer is pressed. Not that that says too much, my house isn't huge. The bell has 4 different volume settings which is super nice and FIFTY-TWO options for the bell noise including regular doorbell noises, songs, and spoken tones. The songs range from classics like "Hey Jude" to seasonal songs like Rudolf. The receiver is a sleek grey and is about half the size of my old one. I'm glad to get rid of my old bulky one! I received this product for a free or reduced cost in exchange for my honest review! If you want your own, you get get it here!

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