Saturday, February 2, 2013


Last night I went to my first ever hockey game. This is somewhat surprising considering some of my closest friends are hockey fanatics. My best friend's wedding basically had a hockey theme. Hockey came up in the speeches. The exit processional. The cake. The VOWS.

Needless to say, I had someone to ask questions during the experience. I quickly realized that everything I know about the game came from The Mighty Ducks. Not surprisingly, it's not really like the movie. Less flying V's and more broken noses.

All in all, I did enjoy the game and would love to go back. I have some research to do first though.

1. How do they know when to switch places?
2. Is it called Sudden Death, a shoot off, a show down, a face off, or, um...well, I came up with abut 10 different names for when they go into overtime and then try one at a time for a goal. (This part really was like Mighty Ducks!) The 8 year old girl in front of me seemed to think our names were funny, so that makes me think they were wrong.
3. WHAT HAPPENED IN FOUR SECONDS THAT MADE THEM SO ANGRY?!?! How can you brawl after 4 seconds? I think maybe they must have grown up together and there are some deep issues there.
4. How do I get the job of the woman in the time out box?
5. Did the group "5 for Fighting" get their name from hockey? I heard "five for fighting" a lot. A LOT.
6. Is there a hockey dictionary? What is checking? Slashing? Hooking?

That crowd was probably the best part. Next time I'll be more prepared and bring my cowbell and face paint. In the meantime, I've got some research to do!

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