Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has a way of not working out for me.  At least, not how you would traditionally think of Valentine's Day.  My last traditional Valentine's with David was about 3 years ago.  Steak dinner, fancy little drinks, dressing up.  However, two years ago, I spent Valentine's Day at a training 3 hours away, while my boyfriend lived in my room at my townhouse (with my roommate).   He had moved out of the "room" he was renting, and had yet to close on his house so he was squatting in my room.  Last year, I don't even remember exactly what we did, but I remember thinking my food was awful.  This year, David is in Florida for a work training.  Just because the past three years haven't had the same flair that they had when I didn't live here, doesn't mean I don't love them all the same.  I'd take the past three years over any Valentine's Day spent with someone else.  These Valentine's Days come with comfort.  Being with someone you trust completely is comfortable.  And not just comfort in the mental sense, either! :) I'm comfortably typing this from David's couch, wearing his pajama pants, having only talked to him about 10 minutes today. My dinner was take out sushi that I ate sitting on the floor.  Even though there are approximately 576 miles (but who's counting) between us, I'd take this any day over a fancy Valentine's Day with someone else.

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