Sunday, October 13, 2013


Vincennes Homecoming isn't like other Homecomings.  It's not about a dance for the high school students.  It's only a little bit about a football game.  It is an event. A huge, blown-out-of-proportion, social event where alumni from little Lincoln High School come from all over the country to return to their hometown.  It doesn't matter how far away you live, you come home. I tried to explain this to my boyfriend, but it's really hard to explain without seeing it.  On Friday night, during and after the football game, everyone gathers at a place called "The Pavilion."  Graduating classes have tables set up with the older classes in the front and the younger generations in the back (by the alcohol).

As you can see in the picture, the pavilion is PACKED. Shoulder to shoulder.  We saw everyone from my uncles (one from each side of the family) to friends I graduated with to friends of my parents and parents of my friends.

This year was my 10 year reunion.  I didn't actually go to my reunion.  Not because I didn't want to, or I didn't want to see them, but because that would have required an additional night in Vincennes and I have my limits.  Maybe in 10 more years...

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