Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home Ownership

Yesterday I had my first "negative" homeowner experience. I was expecting the roofers to arrive to start tearing off the not 2, but 3 layers of roofing, in order to lay down my new roof. The doors were all locked and I locked the bathroom door to take a shower. I'm pretty confident it was the first time I had locked this door because I noticed it turned the opposite direction as the locks in my townhouse had. I take my shower, grab some towels and as I'm getting ready to go back into my room to change....the door won't open. I turn the lock won't open. I turn it again the other direction won't open. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, IT WON'T OPEN. At this precise moment I suddenly develop an extreme case of claustrophobia. I remember there is a window in the shower (I know, weird.) I look at the window and I'm fairly confident I can climb out. Problem 1: Once I'm out, the doors are locked and I can't get back in the house. Next I stare at my phone, which is, thankfully, in the bathroom with me. There are a number of people I can call, but what can they do? They can't get in the house. Maybe they can bring me a screwdriver? Finally I decide I'm headed out the window. I open the blinds (yes, I have blinds in the shower) and....there is a ladder. Ladder? Oh yes, the roofers. I quickly shut the blinds. Now, is this good? Yes, roofers have tools...BUT, like most people, I shower in the morning right after I wake up which means I don't exactly have the most appropriate, ahem, attire..or more specifically, under-attire.


Finally, after another 5-10 minutes, I wiggle the loose knob and loose door enough that I manage to work my way out of the bathroom. Less than 12 hours later, I had a new door knob installed, thanks to a very nice Lowe's man who assured me I should not get locked in with this brand.

Welcome to home ownership.

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