Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GrillFella BBQ Wok

So I got GrillFella's new BBQ wok for free to try out and I have to say I love it! No more wasting money for those throw away aluminum trays! I love grilling veggies but I hate that they just sit in butter while I'm grilling them. I can saute on a stove, if I want grilled veggies I want them GRILLED! With this wok, you can still get the flavor of the butter but most of it will drip off along with the water that cooks out of the veggies. When I tried out this wok and one of the coolest features is that is has a divider...Less clean up! I put fish on one side and veggies on the other. It worked great! It kept them separated but I was able to cook both at once. The veggies had to go on first but I just added the fish later. Not only is it only one dish to clean up, but it is dishwasher safe! It's a lot bigger than it looks so I could always do a big serving of veggies if I had friends over and it would work just as well! It came with 2 circular "hot pads" which are very needed because the whole thing gets pretty hot. Overall this is a pretty amazing product! It comes in silver and copper on Amazon. Check them out!

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