Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Oh Fabletics, you had such potential. I signed up for Fabletics because of a Facebook ad. It started like a good deal and I liked that you could skip months if you didn't like any of your options. My first order was great, of course, because you get 50% off. The quality was decent and I was happy with everything I got! I skipped the next couple months, which was easy to do and they were nice enough to send you a reminder email at the beginning of the month to pick your outfit or opt out. Then they had a pattern that I loved! Unfortunately, it sold out before I could even pick it out, so I opted out. Again. The first time Fabletics tricked me was when they suddenly quit sending the reminder email. I got charged $49.95 because I had not opted out that month. Feeling a bit manipulated, I emailed the customer service and admitted I did not opt out this month, but I had also not received the reminder email that I had consistently received in months prior. They addressed the issue quickly and issued me a refund. I didn't receive any reminder emails in future months, but I learned from the first time and set a reminder on my calendar. Most recently, my reminder went off, I went on the website, didn't see anything I needed and opted out. A few days later I noticed a charge on my credit card. I contacted customer service again and asked what had happened because I had opted out this month. They responded by telling me I must have forgotten to opt out, but not to worry, I could hang on to the credit and use it in the future. They proceeded to then give me directions on how to opt out (even though I had done it the past 4 months). I emailed again and said I appreciated the directions, but I clearly knew how to opt out as I had done it many times in the past and did in fact opt out this month and expected a refund. They again said since I was unable to opt out, I could keep the credit. In my third email, I explained that charging my credit card without my consent was theft. They didn't seem to care. So, since I obviously had no other option, I used my credit and will now cancel my account and let everyone know what a terrible experience I had. I clearly remember opting out this month and believe the stole the money from me, but that's what I get for using a company that keeps my credit card on file. So BEWARE before you use Fabletics, I'd just go to a sporting good store first!

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