Friday, April 24, 2015

ReflectX Shower Mirror

This may be one of the odder things I've been asked to review....but I kind of like it! The company's name "Mirror on a Rope" (a little clever, a little creepy), says it all: This is a mirror on a rope.  It's a non-fog mirror (more on that later) for your shower.  I initially thought this would be more for men for shaving, but I like using it when I wash my face.  It comes with a hook and adjustable length string so you can put the mirror at whatever height you want.  It also comes with a microfiber bag, just in case you can't live without this mirror and need to travel with it. They say the material on the back is "the most advanced boat and race car wrap material available. This wrap material can withstand conditions much harsher than in your shower such as 150+ MPH winds mixed with water and road debris."  So, yeah, no 150+ mile winds in my shower, so this should hold up for awhile..

They fog-free is mostly true.  The instructions tell you to hold each side of the mirror up to the warm water for a few minutes to warm up the material.  I don't really have time for that so I just wipe my hand across the mirror right before I use it.  Fog: gone. 

The material on the back comes in 4 different colors: blue, green, red and steel.  Realistically, I want the mirror part showing so I don't really care what color it is.

I ended up liking this product, but it's definitely something I could live without.  I feel like guys who shave in the shower would appreciate this more.  As far as quality, I'd definitely recommend this brand!

**I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review**

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