Sunday, April 26, 2015

StitchFix #22

We may have a new StitchFix stylist champion on our hands. Prior to this Fix, Tiffany had probably been my favorite stylist, but things may have changed! While I still love Tiffany, Kristen has sent me an AMAZING Fix! I had specifically asked for spring-y dresses that would be good to going to dinner with friends. I had also seen other StitchFixers had received some great boyfriend style jeans and I asked for a pair of those too. Last, I also asked for a fun pair of shorts. I had asked for my jeans and shorts to be sized up, mainly cause I want some comfy boyfriend jeans and I wasn't wanting my shorts to look like Daisy Dukes!

This is what Kristen had to say with my Fix:
Hi, Jessica! I'm so glad you liked your last Fix! I'm having so much fun styling you! Your 22nd Fix is a wild mix of colors and patterns for spring! The deal dress is a classic silhouette. Dress it up for work with a cardigan, or wear it for a casual night out with the girls. Accessorize with a statement necklace, bangles, and your favorite clutch! The Cleokai therese dress is such a bold print and will look fabulous for a night on the town! Pair with nude strappy shoes to elongate your stems or pair with boots if the night feels right! You asked for boyfriend jeans, so here is a StitchFix exclusive pair! What do you think? I'm also sending a fun pair of shorts, sized up as requested! Try on these bottoms with the Navy and White Bicycle Top for a fun plan on patterns and let me know what you think of them. Enjoy your Fix! 

Kristen did a great job, and it's a good thing since I've discovered I no longer know how to shop for myself.  I spent a few hours at the new Outlet Mall in Simpsonville AND hit up the local boutiques with my friends for my birthday and didn't buy a thing! I've gotten used to someone who knows clothes (much better than I) sending them to my house for me to try on with things I already own! It's been a LONG time since I've bought myself clothes at a store! Anyway, I was ready for some new clothes after watching my friends buy clothes on my birthday outing!  Luckily, Kristen came through for me! Here's what I got:

Cleokai - Therese Shift Dress

I guess the photo is bit of a giveaway that I kept this dress.  I wore it to a wedding this past weekend in Peoria.  It's very comfortable and had sleeves, which was nice for a cooler outdoor-ish wedding.  The price of this dress is a more than I would normally pay but I had a credit and got a discount so it worked out well!

Kut From the Kloth - Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean

I got them! These were every bit as wonderful as I was hoping.  They are probably the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned.  I've been wanting some jeans that AREN'T skinny jeans for a while now.  I used to have a few great pairs of boot cut jeans but I was stupid and wore them BOTH during the week I painted my house and ruined them.  I had planned to buy more but the brand quit making that style..of course.  I'm pretty excited about these jeans.  They're a bit big around the waist but that just makes them more comfortable.  It also means I'll be able to throw them in the dryer and not have to worry about dancing around my room to break them in afterwards. :)  I definitely kept these!

Gilli - Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress

This is a great dress.  It's made with super soft jersey material so not only is it comfortable but feels great.  The waist is flattering and the length is perfect.  I love the color as well! This would be a great dress to throw on with some sandals to meet someone for lunch or to do some shopping.  I kept this too!

Fun2Fun - Toronto Bicycle Print Split Neck Top

This top is SO cute! Even though I can't wear it to work, I couldn't pass on the ridiculously cute bicycle print! I kept this!

THML - Abriana Geo Print Short

Ugh.  Again.  This are too cute.  I knew I would love these before I even got them on.  I'm glad I asked for a size up, because I've seen where other people who got these in their Fix have had trouble zipping them up.  They look really big out of the box, but then again, I definitely don't have any trouble zipping them like some others did.  These are actually navy, not black, and then would look great with so many tops I already own.  I kept these too!

So, Kristin obviously did a great job...I kept all 5 items! That means that in addition to subtracting my $20 styling fee that I already paid, I also get a 25% discount!  This is still a little more money than I wanted to spend, but since I didn't buy anything when we went shopping on my birthday, I don't feel so bad!

For those that are a little lost, when you sign up for StitchFix you complete a style survey so they get to know your style.  You can tell them what you do and don't want and the more specific you are, the better.  You can also link a Pinterest board.  Then, you pay a $20 styling fee for them to send you 5 articles of clothing, you keep and pay for what you want, and send back what you don't want in the included pre-paid envelope.  You even get to subtract your $20 styling fee from the items you decide to keep!  You don't have to get a Fix every month either!  You can get them, at most, every 2-3 weeks.  If you decide you just want one every month, every season, or maybe just before special occasions, you can do that too!  You can even just do it once if you want!  If you think you might want to try it out, use my referral link here and not only can you get started right away, but I also get a $25 credit! Who doesn't love free money for clothes?!  If you have any questions, but sure to let me know, I'd be happy to help you out!

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