Sunday, May 24, 2015

BBQ Grill Light by Yumms!


So, I got this pretty awesome product to review, a grill light, and I have the only grill in the world that doesn't work with it. I mean, it works, but it doesn't work GREAT. Here's the deal: Most grills come with a bar/handle across the FRONT of the lid. This grill light is then attached to that bar/handle and when you open the grill to check on your steak (or whatever you happen to be grilling), the 10 LED lights in this fixture helps you see what's going on! My grill has handles on the sides of the lid, and this product still works, but it's awkward to get at the right angle, and doesn't quite light the whole grill. Of course, this is because of my grill and not this product. The product is awesome. It requires 3 AA batteries, but it comes with it's own little mini screwdriver! It's adjustable, so it doesn't matter how thick the handle on you grill is, this should work! The power button is a bit odd, it's not actually a button. It's smooth and flat but if you touch it, the light comes right on! !Perfect! It's ever water resistant in case you get caught grilling in the rain! Best of all, there is a lifetime guarantee!

This is actually pretty handy and it's perfect for (most) grills! If you want one, get it now at the start of grilling season! You can find it here on Amazon!

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