Friday, September 11, 2015

Spinnerbait by Dikbait

Hi everyone! I have a great new product I had the opportunity to receive for free in exchange for a review.  This is actually something I had a need for, which is great! As many of you know, I’m always looking for a big catch, so I was excited when I received this spinnerbait from Dikbait.  After ordering Dikbait on Amazon, I got a package just 2 days later.  Dikbait is white, which is great, because that’s what I prefer.  There are two willow blades, one gold and one silver, which reflected great when I used this on a sunny day.  Now, if you’re having trouble reeling in a big one, I strongly recommend Dikbait.  You won’t believe how quickly they come once you get your Dikbait wet.  I mean, I basically had a bent pole in my hands the entire time, so be sure you’ve got a big strong pole!  The first time I used my Dikbait, I reeled in a 12 inch bigmouth, hook line and sinker but man were my arms tired by the time he finished!  Now, whether you’re looking for a small mouth or a large mouth, you’re guaranteed success with Dikbait, in fact, the company is so confident that they have a money back guarantee.  Catch something a little *ahem* smaller than you’re satisfied with? Just let him go and put your Dikbait back out there- there’s always more fish in the sea.  However, once you get one, the hook is sharp and will keep a good hold on it, so to get it off, just grab real tight and pull, it might take a few tugs.  Don’t yank it, you don’t want to hurt it, just get it off.  When you receive your Dikbait, you actually get two in a package so to really test Dikbait, I gave one to my ex-boyfriend.  He says he’ll try it out just as soon as he remembers where he last put his pole. I can now tell you with confidence that with Dikbait you can pull in some fine pieces of bass.  I know some guys think that fishing is all about the pole, but I’m telling you, it’s all about what you’ve got in your box!  Get Dikbait to keep them coming! If you’re interested in some Dikbait of your own, just check out

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