Thursday, December 24, 2015

Apple Stand

I've been looking for a stand to hold my iPad for awhile.  On the occasions I've attempted one of the 573294082930 recipes I have pinned on Pinterest, I bring the recipe up on my iPad, attempt to prop my iPad up against the wall, the microwave, the stove, etc until I end up laying it flat on the counter and then get grease all over it. Or milk. Or olive oil.

This stand not only holds my iPad up, but it also will hold your phone, and, if you make more money than I do, your Apple Watch as well!  It has a charger slot in it so you can charge your watch and use it as a rest spot.  For example, if you don't use this in the kitchen like me, you can put it in your room and have a spot to rest your phone and watch every night while you sleep!  It looks nice enough to leave out all the time too, so you don't have to worry about stashing it away when someone comes over. (Lets be honest...I wouldn't put it away anyway...)

Even though this is called an "Apple Stand," I'm sure it would work for any other brands as well.  I haven't tried to put my FitBit on this but I'm sure that it will work for that as well!

**I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for my review**

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