Monday, April 18, 2016

EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale

This scale has everything you could possibly want, and maybe a little more! It's definitely not your every day bathroom scale. It measures weight, body fat, body water, body muscle, BMI, bone mass, and estimated caloric intake using electrode technology. It recognizes up to 8 different user profiles and will recognize you as soon as you step on so there is no confusing your profile with your spouses. I will know who you are as soon as you step on! The scale itself is a clean, crisp white and appears tough enough to hold up to heavier individuals. Actually, it will measure up to 400 lbs and measures to the nearest .2 lb. It has a 3.7" LCD display and does require 3 AAA batteries that came with it! To get one for yourself, click here!

I did receive this product for a free or reduced cost in exchange for my honest review!

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