Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Smarson High Resolution LED Trail Camera

After purchasing this camera, it came well packaged and included a user manual, USB cable, AV cable, strap and wall mount (the wall mount was attached but can come off.) 

It does NOT come with the SD card or 4-8 AA batteries. It states it requires 8, but I noticed it came out and was working after I had installed 4. It says it will last 3 months with 4 batteries and 6 months with 8 batteries "while in standby mode." I'm not sure how long it will last if it's taking frequent pictures...which leads me to the reason I gave this camera 4 stars instead of 5: It says it has a low battery alarm. If I put this in the woods, or if I'm using it for home security, I do not want it emitting an alarm when the batteries are low. I was unable to find a setting where I could turn this off. That being said, that was the only "negative" to this camera. The quality of the pictures were fantastic. It says 5MG camera sensor..but other placed it says it can be set up to 12 MG. You can set the camera to have the time, date, and/or temperature stamped on the pictures. It can be set to do photo, video, or both where it will take a few photos then switch to video mode. It does have a red light flash when it takes a photo, but it doesn't last long. The night photos were just as good if not better than daytime photos and was able to pick up on very slight movements. You can change the interval between photos and it even has a time lapse setting. 

The display on the inside is very impressive and easy to use. Very helpful if you are wanting to check photos quickly. Overall, I was very happy with this camera and it's a great deal for the price. I did receive this product at a a reduced (not free) cost in exchange for my unbiased review.

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