Monday, February 18, 2013

Long(er) Walks

Lexi is pretty low maintenance. For a lab mix, she does not have an over abundance of energy. Energy comes out in bursts. The other 90% of the time is spent napping. In fact, she is currently napping. When my alarm goes off, she acts aggravated that her rest has been disrupted.

Lately it seems I'm home less and less. Overtime at work. Eating out more due to a stricter diet (salads are hard to keep fresh). Junior League meetings. So, for Lent, in a addition to sacrificing cokes/pop/soda, I'm taking Lexi on one long walk daily, weather permitting. Sure, I take her out a few times a day. Sure we may walk around for a bit, but long walks? They don't happen nearly enough. We used to go on nightly runs, but a young dashing Kentuckian ruined that when he stole away my evenings, and now my running days are done.

Lexi had other plans for my walk...I think she prefers to prance. Evidenced below.

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