Sunday, June 30, 2013


About 4 years ago, I received a large white envelope in the mail.  I wasn't expecting anything, and there weren't many markings on it.  Just as I was standing over the trash can about to rip the envelope in half and toss it, I decided to open it.  Five crisp one-dollar bills came out along with some paperwork explaining I'd been randomly chosen to become a member of KnowlegePanel, a company that pays people to take surveys.  Skeptically, I logged on to their website and took their first "Getting to Know You" survey, which paid $10 (if I remember correctly).  At this point, I think I've made approximately $500.  Sometimes I'll go a month with no surveys.  Sometimes a survey will only enroll you in a sweepstakes.  Some you "spin" a wheel and (I never) win a prize.  Paid survey's have varied from $1 to $50.  Some survey's require follow ups, mailing things in, or require a survey every so often to follow up on your answers.

I've tried some other companies...I didn't like any of them nearly as well and usually quit after a survey or two.  Even if some survey's pay very little, the survey's themselves are pretty interesting.  You agree not to discuss them, so without going into too much detail, I've answered questions about everything from different types of packaging for food items at the grocery store to restaurant specials and what would convince me to make a trip to eat there.  It's always fun when I see the specials I liked at a local restaurant. ;)

You can't sign up to be a part of this program, so don't be so quick to throw away your junk mail.  This has been a great (and fun!) opportunity for me! And while the pay isn't a lot, it's always nice to have my utilities paid for the month for answering a few questions!

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