Monday, September 2, 2013


I'm not very good at time management.

I think I broke a record my first few years of college for being most involved.  No really.  My two years at VU consisted of Psi Beta President, Vice-President of my class, Phi Theta Kappa, Director of PR for Campus Activities Board, Student Alumni Council President, Ambassador, Sigma Pi Sweetheart, Student Senate, the Honors Program, and in my "free time" I worked in the Deans office and my beloved Peafections coffee shop.  I lived off campus but had so little time between extracurriculars and 19 credit hours that I found a nice big leather recliner by the Dean's Office to study.  The Dean dubbed it "Jessica's Chair" and joked of getting a plaque made.

By the time I got to Purdue, I was exhausted and burnt out and the only place I was going to earn a plaque with my name on it was the local piano bar. (I didn't get a plaque but my name is on the piano.)

I guess I'm glutton for punishment because last week on my "days off,"  I spent most of my time working on advertising for a 5K, e-mail event chairs in Junior League, doing "for pay" surveys, getting Thirty-One catalogs out, hitting the HealthPark, volunteering to be a "Owensboro Health Gives" liason, finding a dress for a CYLO event, and chauffeuring my dog to the next county to the vet.

Some people never learn.

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