Thursday, January 2, 2014

StitchFix: Fix #3

Oh, my favorite day of the month!  Ok, maybe not, but it's close! It's STITCHFIX Day! The day where I compulsively check my tracking number at work to see if a brown and teal box has been left on my front porch. I didn't give Talleda much direction this time. Two months ago, I asked for winter clothes. Last month I asked for tops to go with leggings.  This month, I didn't ask for anything specific.  She still did great though! In addition to the $20 I paid to have this fix sent (see details of how StitchFix works here) I also had a $50 gift certificate from Christmas from my grandma, so I was pretty excited to have $70 credit to use!

(As always, please use my referral link here if you decide to sign up! I get a $25 credit if you do!)

Here's my message from my stylist.  She always does her research!

1) 41Hawthorn - Cherise Tab Sleeve Henley ($48)
2) Kensie Jeans - Johnny Skinny Jeans ($88)
3) Bay to Baubles - Carly Circle Link Long Necklace

First, the shirt.  It's pink, it's comfy, I'm sold.  I can wear it with dress pants at work or skinny jeans on weekends.  I knew right away I wanted to keep it, and it got David's approval too.  Kept it!
Next, the jeans.  They fit alright.  I would have been more comfortable in a size bigger, but these were fine. They looked good but really, I didn't like the price, especially when I already have a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that are more comfortable.  These are going back.
Last, the necklace.  I like it, but it looks just like 12 other necklaces I have.  She did a good job of picking things that fit my style, the problem is that I already have them! I'm a bit undecided on this currently, but I think it's going back.

4) Under Skies - Matilda Chiffon Trimmed Knit Shirt ($38)

I liked this shirt too.  It's difficult to see the trim but it's at the bottom and the cuffs.  It's pretty thin, so not really a winter shirt, but I liked it enough that I kept it!

5) Renee C- Andres Draped Detail Knit Dress
This was "okay."  If it were a bit longer (knee length), I might have kept it and worn it to work.  When I tried it on at home, I wore black tights and black boots (as recommended by Talleda) and I liked it more than I did in this picture.  I'm about 3 dresses behind (meaning, I have 3 dresses in my closet I haven't worn yet), so I really don't need to purchase more.  Especially one that I'm having trouble figuring out when and where I'd wear it.  This one is going back.

All in all, I COULD have purchased everything in this fix for $140 after my credit, styling fee and discount for purchasing all 5 items.  However, I think I'll end up keeping the two shirts and sending the rest back which will only cost me $16 after credit!

Yet again I'm happy with my fix this month.  Even two of the items I sent back were my style, I just already had them.  I need to figure out what to ask for for next month.  Any recommendations?

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