Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Obsession

I have a new obsession that I love, love, love.  In fact, my obsession may turn out to be a bad thing.  I think it's going to cost me a few brain cells.  Rust-oleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze is my new obsession.

I'd read great things about it, and bought it with plans to eventually spray the vents.  As usually, my plans didn't quite work out.  On day 2 of moving, painting, prepping week, I took all my kitchen cabinet hardware off in order to clean them.  They were gold. Ish.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if they were dirty gold, or antique gold.  I DO know, they were sticky gold.

Please ignore the catastrophe on the countertops, I did warn you that it was moving/painting/prepping week.  Also please ignore that one picture is sideways, I haven't figured out how to turn them.  I know I promised I'd learn how to do that about a year ago.  I lied. Moving on...

After cleaning all the knobs, I still hated them.  It was the perfect chance to spray paint them since they were already off the cabinets, but it was about 34 degrees outside.  Luckily, when it's moving/painting/prepping week, you have plenty of boxes and plastic drop clothes.  Please let me introduce my solution:

I call this "Who needs drugs to lose brain cells?"  Indoor spray painting.  After spraying the handles, I threw the drop cloth over the boxes, and turned on the ceiling fan in order to, well, breathe.  Half an hour later, I rotated, and repeated.  I also had the cloth covering the floor, just to be safe. 

Now, I have beautiful knobs that fit perfect with the age of the house.

Now I still have plans to spray the vents. And lamps. And light fixtures. And bathroom knobs. Possibly even a shower curtain rod.  I think I'll need more spray paint.

Now......time to do something about those GREEN counter-tops!

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