Friday, January 16, 2015

Vaxza iPhone Case Review

I received this iPhone case for free through one of my review sites. My initial plan was that I would use it for a few days or a week, and then switch back to my old case. I had a million reasons I had already decided I wasn't going to stick with this one. It'll be too bulky. It'll be too heavy. It will be ugly. When I got the package, one thing I liked was that the piece of the case the goes around the edge of the phone came in either black or clear. I love my gold iPhone so I used the clear so some of it still showed through. The case itself is not bulky at all. The most noticeable part of it size-wise is that it makes the phone a bit longer, as you can see in the pictures below. Of course, it does add weight, but you've got to expect that when you've got a case with a battery in it. Honestly, it's not a lot of weight. Much less than I expected.
The blue LED indicator light on the back serves multiple functions. It's actually 4 lights and will tell you how much charge is left in the case. 25/50/75/100%. Also, it flashes when plugged in so you know it's charging. Lastly, when you hold the button down, it triggers the case to start charging. There are a few things worth mentioning. The cord you use to charge the case is NOT an iPhone cord. I initially really disliked this because I kept a charger at work, one by my bed, and another by my couch. None of these will work with this case. What I discovered is that if I charge the case at night, I don't NEED to charge again during the day, so really that concern was irrelevant. It's nice not being tethered to a charger cord! Normally I need to charge my phone at least once throughout the day. Now I just press a button and it's charging while it's in my pocket or purse! Another thing I noticed is my music isn't as loud. It's not muffled by any means, though. The phone does have 2 ?slots? by the bottom of the phone for the music. The only reason I noticed is because I play music from my phone when I shower. The music has to be loud enough to be heard over the water, the fan, and the heater. Normally this isn't an issue but I couldn't hear as well with this case. Lastly, if you use an auxiliary card at the bottom of the phone, fear not, they send you a little cord that has an extension on it so you can still reach the auxiliary. No issues there. I do wish the case came in other colors. I know it can't be see through to show my gold phone, but pink would be nice. :) Overall, I really like this case. I plan on keeping it on my phone, at least for the time being and I would most definitely use it for weekend trips or long days where I won't be able to charge my phone. I would definitely recommend this case! Disclaimer: I did receive this case for free to review. Other than the case itself, I received no additional compensation and the thoughts and ideas above are my own.

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