Monday, January 12, 2015

StitchFix #17

I'm pretty sure my Mail/UPS/FedEx delivery men/women hate me.  Between items for the new house, items I'm being sent to review, and StitchFix, I have at least one package on my porch EVERY day.  The day this StitchFix came it was one of 3 items. Craziness.  Sorry delivery people.

I can't believe this is StitchFix SEVENTEEN.  I thought I'd try it a few times and quit.  Unfortunately for my bank account that wasn't the case.  If you don't know what StitchFix is, read my first blog post about here here and be sure to use my referral link here so I get $25 credit towards new clothes, which is AWESOME and I'll love you forever.  I had a friend over yesterday that I was going to have take pictures for this Fix but I forgot all about it so you get selfies.  Again.  Sorry.

Here's what the stylist had to say:
Hi Jessica! I am super excited to style you today! Checking out your Pinterest board I notice you are drawn to graphic stripes so I am sending you the Fate Jeromy sweater that will look super chic paired with a skinny jean in a pop of color and brown knee boots - perfect for running around town with friends.  I also notice you had pinned a dolman top so I am sending you the Aleah by Market and Spruce, a Stitch Fix exclusive brand.  It's a classic in navy and perfect to dress up or down.  The Jayne dress is a tonal color block and perfect for work.  To punch it up with some great color wear the cobalt Ark N Co blazer which is cute unique and youthful - add the Zena necklace for a little touch of glam.  Hope you enjoy this Fix and Happy New Year to you! Kelly

Here's what she sent me!

Fate - Jeromy Striped Sweater

 This sweater was just so-so. I like the stripes, but it was pretty thin.  I don't see much of a point of a sweater if it's so thin it's see-through.  If it's cold enough to wear a sweater, I want to be warm!  I liked her idea of wearing this with colorful jeans but all of my colored PANTS (They are not jeans. See OHRH Professional Attire policy) are spring colors.  Also the back of this sweater was different than the front, and I thought that was weird.  I almost kept this but ended up sending it back.

41Hawthorn-Jayne Textured Dress
While I do appreciate a work appropriate dress, this didn't do it for me.  I would have had to wear it under a lab jacket and it would have covered most of the color blocking.  Even if it didn't, I don't love this dress.  It seemed kind of boring to me.  This went back.

Market and Spruce - Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top

I love this! I wish it was in a color that was a little more fun, but I kept it anyway.  I like dolman tops and this fabric is super soft (think your favorite worn t-shirt material).  It's work-friendly and so so comfy.  Kept!

Ark N Co - Davina Open Blazer
Pixley - Zena Crystal Palm Collar Necklace

So....these were amazing.  I love them.  Love, love, love.  I wish there was a little less padding in the shoulders of the blazer, and really, there is barely any there to start with, however, I think it looks just a tiny bit too business-y to wear out in the evenings.  I wore this to work and had compliments on it all day, especially the necklace.  I don't always like statement necklaces because I feel like you wear them once and everyone has seen it.  I actually wore a Stitch Fix statement necklace once and then sent it back.  And I blogged about it.  And then they sent me an email to tell me they read my blog.  Awkward.  So busted.  I had so many compliments on this necklace though and it matches the blazer PERFECTLY and I couldn't send it back.  So I kept both of these!

I was pretty happy with this Fix.  I hate when I want to keep everything (too much money) and I hate when I don't like any of it (I don't want to waste my $20 styling fee) so keeping 3 items is about perfect. 

I have my next Fix scheduled for the 30th! Can't wait!  Don't forget to use my referral link if you decide you want to give StitchFix a shot!

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