Monday, February 23, 2015

Recent Reads

I've recently received quite a few books for free to review, including the 4 listed above.  Normally I don't have a lot of time to read but I literally had NOTHING planned for this weekend for once and with all the snow and ice, I didn't particularly want to get out all that much.  I finished Mr Sandman by Lyle Howard.  I'll update this post as I finish the others.

Mr Sandman by Lyle Howard
I admit had a little trouble getting started with this book.  I would read a few pages before bed and decide I'd rather sleep then keep reading.  Luckily, I sat down during the day and swore I'd read a chapter or two before I wrote the book off for good.  I ended up enjoying the book, although it's got a very different set up.  I feel like it starts Plot A, then completely drops it for Plot B, meaning while you occasionally get a short random one-paragraph length chapter that you have no idea where it came from.  I actually questions if the e-book was messed up and a section of a different book ended up in the middle of mine!  Once Plot B is finished, then we return to Plot A. By the end of the book, it does all tie together, but I still feel like you had 2 different plots going on and the author could have made 2 very good books from this one book.  Am I complaining? No, I liked the book, and was always wanting to know what happened next.  The main character, Lance Cutter, is the result of a lab experiment gone wrong.  With very few answers, he tries to lead a quite life under the radar of the government officials who think he is dead.  Unfortunately, after a difficult case, a heroic act leads to some publicity that gets him into trouble.  I did finish this in a weekend but I do feel like it's a fairly long book.  Overall, if the opportunity arose to read another Lyle Howard book, I would definitely do it!

Reagan's Redeption by Cate Beauman
This book was a quick read, not because it was short but because I couldn't put it down! Since reading this book, I've learned it is part of a series of 8 books about the "Bodyguards of LA County." That being said, this is a great stand alone book. I didn't realize it was part of a series while reading and didn't feel like there was any missing information. I will probably look into some of the other books in this series too!

The Inheritance - Gwen E Campbell
This enjoyed this short novel.  It's an interesting story line, kind of a "dang-I-wish-that-would-happen-to-me" storyline.  The main character, Angie, inherits a fortune from a complete stranger.  She has no idea why this person, named Wilcox, would leave her everything, so she goes on a hunt.  I really enjoyed this book and it kept my attention!

The Creator's Eye: Mover of Fate by R.N. Feldman
I love books that create a new world. New rules, people and culture. This is a great sci-fi/fantasy book. It's part 1 of what I understand to be a 4 part serious so the format seems a bit odd but makes sense when you realize it's part of a series. Check it out!

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