Tuesday, March 17, 2015

StitchFix: Fix #20

I had to check that twice. Fix #20?!?!?!...daaaang. I've been doing this for well over a year but I didn't realize it was 20 already! One AWESOME thing about this Fix was that I had a $20 credit waiting on me, so between that and the $20 I paid up front, I was going to be able to deduct $40 from my purchase. Woohoo!

Here's my note from my stylist:
Hi Jessica! Tiffany is currently on vacation, so I'm happy to style you until she gets back. :). I was so excited to snag this polka dot navy pencil skirt for you, which I saw you had Pinned! I've selected an ikat print dolman top - this top can easily work with a pencil skirt and try adding gold accessories to really make this blouse pop.  The colbalt blouse will look stunning with a dark blazer and black skinny jeans.  This pink v-neck blouse is perfect for spring - if you're feeling adventurous, try wearing with a pair of blue heels.  I couldn't resist sending you this coral and gold statement necklace which will go with just about anything, especially the ikat blouse.  You'll look amazing! I'd love to hear your feedback and how everything fit you for the next time! XOXO, Heather.

Soooo.......No Tiffany.

 Things didn't go so well without Tiffany.  Here's what I got:

Daniel Rainn - Sandro V-neck Blouse

Ehhh.....I didn't hate this shirt. I mean, it's pink, which I love. It could be work appropriate.  It's very spring/summery which I need right now BUT this shirt was SO wrinkled when I got it.  I can't handle high-maintenance clothing.  It goes like this: *wake up* *look in closet* *shirt is wrinkled?* *put it back*   I'm barely functioning in the morning, I don't have time to deal with clothes that aren't ready right out of my closet.  I iron maybe 3 times a year and I have no desire to increase that.
This went back.

Staccato - Emmanuel Lattice Cutout Blouse

I definitely liked this shirt more than the first one.  I loved the lattice look of this shirt and I loved the blue.  Unfortunately it was shaped a little weird and fit a little tight in the um, boob, area.  I find this odd because well...I've never had something that was too small in the boob area. Ever.  Never ever.  I really liked the shirt but couldn't bring myself to keep something that didn't quite fit right.

Zad - Azaria Circle Bib and Stone Necklace

Not bad.  Not fantastic.  I would have kept this but they sent me a coral and gold statement necklace last summer.  This went back just because I didn't need it!

Renee C - Malcom Ikat Dolman Top

I mean, I like dolman tops at all, but this was a tent. I hated the print, I hated the fit.  I think my face says it all.  I swam out of this shirt as quickly as possible and immediately put it back in the return bag.

Pixley - June Polka Dot Skirt

YAY! The saving grace of this Fix.  The skirt! This was actually the first thing I tried on and I loved it! I wouldn't normally wear it with this shirt but that happened to be the shirt I wore this day and I was too impatient to find a full outfit.  I loved this skirt.  It fit great, it felt like good quality material, I definitely kept this!

This wasn't my favorite fix, but at least there was one item I liked and, bonus!, I got $40 off so I barely spent anything!  If StitchFix sounds like something you'd like to try, use my referral link here and I'll receive a $25 credit off my next Fix! (And I'll love you forever..assuming of course, you tell me that you signed up under my link..it doesn't tell me who it is that signed up when I get credit!)

I'm already counting down the days for my next one!

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