Sunday, July 26, 2015

Digital Bathroom Scale by Weight Guru

It's bathing suit season. I was harshly reminded of this on the 5th of this month (see above) and I was thinking about some upcoming weekends at the lake. I received this scale (for free to review) and so far I like it! A few things that are really cool about this scale:

It's Bluetooth. I, admittedly, couldn't get my phone to link up to the bluetooth feature. I followed the directions and pressed and held the button the back but my phone never "found" the scale. This isn't a deal breaker though because after you use the scale, the digital scale suddenly turns into a secret code (really!) and you can scan the code with your phone (the scanner is a feature of the app) and upload the weight.

It looks good. The scale itself is a sleek, modern, black with a blue digital LED looking screen. It lights up so you can use it in the dark. (I don't weight myself in the dark but you might?). I had a scale before I got this one and this one looks 100x better than the old one.

It has an app. The app is a nice feature so you can see your progress...or lack thereof. As you can see from the picture above, I have a tendency to "spike" per say, on the weekends, but overall I have lost weight. Seeing your progress really helps! The app will show you your weight history by numbers or of course by using the graph. The app also has the scanner I mentioned above. Both the scale and the app give you the option to use "weightless mode" which means instead of giving your weight in a number, 125 lbs., for example, it will tell you how much you've gained or lost from your initial weigh-in. At first I thought this number was what you have gained or lost since your last check-in, but I've since figured out it's your very first weigh in. So, if you're 125 lbs and then you go to a cookout with all of your friends and the next morning you are 128 lbs., the scale is not going to say 128 lbs., it's going to say +3 lbs.

Overall, I really like this scale. Even without all the bluetooth and the apps, etc., it would still be really nice to use at just a plain scale thanks to the sleek appearance. I'd definitely recommend it!

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