Thursday, December 5, 2013

StitchFix: Fix #2

My stylist knows me better than I know myself.  Talleda was stylist again this time around (for those who don't know what StitchFix is, see my original post here for a description) and she sent me something I specifically asked her NOT to send me.  And I loved it. Now I have to rethink everything I thought I knew about myself.


Kind of.

1) Ezra - Mack Tribal Print Split-Neck Blouse ($58)

I had asked for a few tops to go with leggings.  I also asked for no tribal print (this is in my main profile). Talleda, the ever-studious stylist she is, noticed I had a red print shirt on my Pinterest page that was paired with leggings and brown boots and thought I'd like something similar so she sent this top, and I loved it!  This was actually David's favorite out of this entire Fix too. I could probably have done better with a small instead of a medium, but I guess it's good it's a bit big since I want to wear it with leggings and I want to make sure it's long enough. They even sent a while tank to wear under it. Verdict? Kept it!

Street Level - Benian Mini Chain Detail Crossbody Bag ($58)
 I didn't hate this, but I wasn't sure I loved it.  It came with a smaller zip-up bag inside of it, and it also came with a long shoulder (crossbody strap).  I think I liked the purse overall, but I'm not a fan of gold, David HATES gold, and the real deal break was that this purse was so HEAVY. These chains were serious, man! By the time I got my wallet, business cards, pocket knife, 12 lipsticks, 7 pens, rewards cards, coupons, keys, pills (what?), lint roller and wine bottle opener in it, I would have been sore just from carrying it into work.  Verdict? Pass. Hesitantly.  I think I'll tell them no more bags though, because I have a hard time believing they will send me something I love more than Coach.

3) 41Hawthorn - Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse ($68)
 Another one I didn't hate, but didn't really work.  I think this one was also a bit big.  It was a medium and I probably needed a small.  I liked the style of this, and it could also be worn with leggings (grey ones?), but it was just too big.  The fabric was kind of slick and the sleeves wouldn't stay folded where the tabs buttoned so it looked a little sloppy.  I also didn't think the price tag match what felt to be a somewhat lower quality item. Verdict? This one went back.

4) 41Hawthorn - Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan ($48)
 It was David's first day on the job as my official StitchFix photographer, and we're going to need to work on the 'focusing' part of the job.  This cardigan is SO soft. I'm a sucker for soft clothing.  I think this would be great to wear with dress pants to work.  Verdict? Kept it

5) Under Skies - Devon Flocked Lace Racerback Dress ($78)
David took this photo jokingly while I'm trying to tuck the straps in, but I'm going to use it instead of the "real" picture anyway! I really liked this dress.  I loved the lace and it looked classy and high quality.  I feel like sometimes with looks like this the edging of the lace looks kind of tacky, but that wasn't the case! Unfortunately, this was a tiny bit small around the waist, which was frustrating because the 2 medium sized shirts were too big, and the small sized dress was too small.  Verdict? Didn't fit. It had to go back.

I kept 2 items and overall, I was very happy with my Fix again this month.  Any suggestions for next month? I'm thinking maybe some skirts or work appropriate dresses?

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