Sunday, March 30, 2014

StitchFix: Fix #6

I love StitchFix days.  Have I mentioned that before? This month's Fix had some great items.  I had a different stylist (Dana) but her letter gave me the impression she had done her homework on what I like and she had even looked for the 19 Cooper Shirt from last month's fix in a coral color like I had asked.

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Here's what this month's Fix included!

1) Honey Punch - Christine Longsleeve Chiffon Faux Wrap Dress ($68)

I really wanted to like this dress.  I tried it on with some different necklaces, a cami underneath, with boots, etc., but I felt like it was too "old lady-ish."  I wanted it to work because it would be great to wear at work but it just didn't work on me. It went back. :(

2) Collective Concepts - Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse ($58)
3) Bay to Baubles - Brenna Gem Statement Pendant Necklace ($38)

I had asked for coral so I liked this shirt.  I had mixed feelings on the necklace.  I typically don't wear gold, but I liked it with the shirt.  I kept both of these!

4) Under Skies - Janet Embroidered Hem Swing Skirt ($58)

I forgot to bring a shirt to David's house to wear with this skirt for a picture so I wore the shirt I had on! I wasn't excited about this skirt (which I think is obvious by the look on my face!).  I really like lace looking things and this had a very pretty lace pattered embroidered on the hem but I just didn't care for the skirt.  It went back!

5) Evolution by Cyrus - Beyonce French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket ($88)

I don't know what this is or why it happened but it was not good.  First of all, this was a very SHORT jacket.  Not just the length (I'm holding it down with my hands so my stomach isn't showing), but also the length of the sleeves.  I'm not sure if it was supposed to be 3/4 length, but basically I felt like I had stolen a small child's jacket. Bad.  Very bad.  This went back. Very quickly.

I keep waiting for a Fix where I keep all 5 things and get that 25% discount, but it hasn't happened yet! (My bank account probably won't approve if/when it does.)  I do like the items that I kept this time! I'm hoping for some more spring items in the next one, but I really need some work appropriate things! I might request that for next time!

What do you think?  Did I keep the right items?

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