Sunday, June 15, 2014

StitchFix #9

The downfall of my bank account has started! Just THREE weeks after receiving my last StitchFix, I already have another one!  Before, once a month was the most frequently you could get that wonderful brown and teal box delivered to your portch, but now you can get one every 2-3 weeks! YAY!

If you have no idea what StitchFix is or what I'm talking about, please see my first post about StitchFix here.  Afterwards, when you have discovered that StitchFix is the greatest thing you've ever seen and you want to sign up immediately, then click here to sign up so I can get $25 credit towards StitchFix clothing!

This Fix came from Lauren who says: Hi Ms. Jessica! Welcome back! This fix I picked a few dresses that I hope you'll enjoy, versatile for work or play. I'm sorry I don't have any new shorts at the moment, will keep a look out. I know you mentioned no more sheer tops, but I thought you'd love this polka dot blouse, especially the color is perfect for Summer... w/ white shorts! Thanks for continuing to add to your Pin board. Enjoy! As always, any requests or feedback about fit/styles/colors is much appreciated & helpful to me! Look forward to building a fashion friendship! xox Lauren.

So, Lauren did AWESOME! This might be one of my favorite Fix's ever! Here's what I got!

Pomelo - Missy Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse
 If you didn't notice from Lauren's note, I had asked for no more sheer tops, but she did a good job with this one.  I liked this top and took her recommendation of white shorts.  David liked this shirt too but clarified that I had to wear something underneath it.  Hahaha.  :)  Obviously I kept this!

41Hawthorn - Bell Chevron Textured Tie-Neck Blouse

So....*sigh*  I was torn on this shirt.  I liked it, but I sent it back to keep from spending too much money and because I can't wear it to work and I already regret sending it back.  Unfortunately the bag is already in the USPS drop box.  David said it was a little too "frilly" around the top but this is his favorite color and it said it was very "me."

Collective Concepts - Wintor Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse

I liked this shirt too! I would probably wear a black tank under it but I didn't bring one to David's.  I really liked the cross-front.  It's even got a little pink in the print which I love.  Kept this!

41Hawthorn - Bindy Fit and Flare Ponte Dress

I've seen this dress a lot online.  I think it's a pretty popular StitchFix item, but I did NOT like it.  Just not my style!

Lily - Lachlan Geo Print & Colorblock Swing Dress

I didn't hate this dress, but I didn't love it either.  And it was a tiiiny bit too small, so it went back.

Overall I liked all the prints and patterns this time around.  I usually buy solids when I'm buying for myself so it was nice to try out some prints!  Hopefully I get some more fun prints in the next one, it should be here in a few weeks!

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