Saturday, September 6, 2014

StitchFix #13

Prior to receiving this StitchFix, I had to tell myself repeatedly that I would NOT keep all 5 items.  The good news is that I will definitely not be keeping all 5 items..the bad news is that's because this box wasn't as amazing as the past few.  

If you don't know what StitchFix is, read my first post here for more details about it and how it works.  When you decide you want to do it too, sign up here (that's my referral link) so I get $25 credit towards clothes they send me!

I always read the note from my stylist first.  I looked at the name first.  Not Tiffany.  Oh well, I'll try to stay positive. Then, I noticed my note was very short.  Here's what she said:

Hi Jessica, I had so much fun styling your fix today! I wanted to give you some great pieces for summer! You'll be able to wear these items with pieces already in your closet. Wear your new dress from day tonight.  Be sure to pair your new blouses with your new pants. Don't forget to accessorize your new outfits with your new necklace! I really hope that you enjoy your fix! I cannot wait to hear your feedback. xoxo-marisol

Not the personalized note I'm used to getting.  Pretty sure Marisol copies and pastes this note on every Fix she does. (Not to mention, I wouldn't call these summer clothes). I was already a little nervous.  Here's what she sent me:

Margaret M - Emer High Waisted Tall Trouser

I had high hopes for these but they definitely didn't seem that great once I put them on.  They were also a little long and didn't play well with shoes. The good part is that this was the most expensive item in the box so I wasn't totally disappointed that I didn't love these.

Pomelo - Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse
I think this shirt will probably be the one item I keep.  I can't decide if this combination is too much turquoise or not but I kinda love it.  I could probably wear this to work!

41Hawthorn - Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

Wasn't quite ready for this picture. This shirt isn't bad but it's really long (you can't tell in this picture since my arm is up, but it's long. I promise). It also wrinkled really quick just in the short time I wore it.  I like the color but it's probably not one I'll keep.

Lyra 3/4 Sleeve Abstract Chevron Dress

I didn't hate this dress..and I might like it better with a pair of cowboy boots, but I'm not really sure if/when I'd wear it.  I did like it better with the belt.  This dress is also that thin cotton-y fabric that I think shows wear pretty quickly, not that I'd be wearing it all the time. Basically, I'm undecided. Input appreciated. :)

Bay to Baubles - Sauna Curved Bar Necklace

There's nothing wrong with this, it's cute, but I usually like bigger statement necklaces.  If I'm going to wear a smaller silver necklace, I already have a few that I choose from.  

This was definitely not as good as the past 2 Fix's, but like I said before, that was getting a little expensive so that's ok.  I didn't pin much this time for fall, but I feel like everything looks the same on Pinterest as far as fall fashion.  I'll keep looking and I'll probably ask if I can get Tiffany back again.  Hopefully she's still there!

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